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Registry Instructions for New Coaches

Below are step-by-step instructions for becoming an active member of the Coaches Registry.

Thank you for completing the forms necessary to coach our athletes. 
Without your help, we would be unable to provide such wonderful programs.

1. Go to   Click on “Create an Account."

2. Volunteer Agreement Acceptance

  • New users will be brought to the Volunteer Agreement screen.
  • Click “I agree” to continue

3. Complete Your Application

  • You may come back to the application screen anytime to edit your information once you have completed the red asterisked (*) sections.
  • You do not have to attach all your credentials/courses in order to submit your application.
  • Please follow the instructions embedded in the application to attach your head shot (profile image), concussion certificate, and ASEP certificates.
  • You will need an ASEP code to complete the application.
    • There is a box to check under the ASEP heading on the application (see example in picture below).
    • Make sure you click “submit application” once you have checked the box for "a free ASEP code."
    • The "free code" may take 24-48 hours to be available to you. You will not receive it right away.  
    • Once you have the code, you will sign into your profile for instructions to follow to complete the “coaching essentials” training at
    • Once you complete the training, ASEP provides you with a certificate that you may upload under “American Sports Education Program (ASEP) certificate.”
    • Please contact if you have not received the code within 48 hours.
  • Click the link located under the “concussion is sports” tab. Once you complete your NFHS concussion awareness, save the certificate as a PDF. You will then upload the file to the attachment list.
  • After hitting “Submit Application,” you will receive a message.

4. Signing Up for Opportunities

  • After completing your application, you will need to sign up for the opportunities/programs that you wish to coach.  
  • Click on the “Find and Sign Up for Opportunities” button (as noted on the screen above).
    • The first opportunity you will need to sign up for is the Coaches and Administrator’s Registry. This is a one-time sign up. (The easiest way to find the opportunity “coaches and administrators registry,” is to type in “coach.”) Hit the green “search” button and you will see a screen similar to the one below. See “coaches and administrators registry” and click the blue button “sign up.” 
    • The second opportunity (and most important), you will need to sign up for the specific program, organization or team you will be coaching with. Click “search opportunities” tab at the top of your screen (see Image 2 below).
    • Key Word Search: The easiest way to find your club is “by keyword or phrase.”  Type “lacrosse” (example) in the search bar and click the green “Search” button (see Image 3 below).
  • You will get a screen similar the below "Image 4." Scroll through the opportunities to find the program/league/team you are coaching for and click “Sign Up.”
  • Return to your Dashboard and click "My Opportunities" to ensure you have signed up for the correct club team. (Please see Image 5.)
  • Please do not forget to read the final step following the below five images.

Image 2: Search for a Specific Program/League/Team

Image 3: Key Word Search

Image 4

Image 5

5. Final Step

  • Once you have uploaded your profile image, concussion certificate and ASEP certificate, you will need to submit a background check.
  • The link will appear on your dashboard once all documents have been uploaded and approved.
  • You will receive an email telling you to sign into your account and submit the background review.
  • When you click the background review button located on your Dashboard, there will be a prompt (social security number).
  • Follow the prompt and submit.
  • Once you submit the background review, it takes 3-5 days for the background check to clear.
  • Once cleared, your badge is printed.
  • Badges will be given to your program coordinator for dissemination.