Robert J. Baker- Bob has been an ardent supporter of Special Olympics since 1995 when, as a parent he began pitching in wherever he was needed. Since then, he has served Special Olympics Howard County as a coach, program coordinator, assistant director and director. Through his leadership, SOHC now has more participants, offers more sports and has a stronger financial base than ever before. Bob’s involvement has earned him numerous Howard County and Maryland honors, including Special Olympics Maryland Director of the Year (2001, 2002). The local chapter of Special Olympics has been named Outstanding Volunteer Community Group in Howard County (2002) and Special Olympics Maryland County Program of the Year (2000, 2001, 2002).

Peter Finck- Peter and tennis are a life-long match. He grew up on the courts, taught his sons to play the game he loved and then turned his attention to the local tennis community. For 15 years he was director of two popular events for youth, the Columbia Junior Open and The Columbia Flier tournament. Peter also ran the county’s high school championships (1985-2004) and was director of the Maryland State Outdoor Junior Championships for six years. Peter was president of the Maryland Tennis Association, an officer in the Mid-Atlantic Tennis Association, served on US Tennis Association national committees and helped found the Howard County Tennis Association. Twice he was honored by MTA as tournament director of the year (1992, 2002).

Russ Flowers- Russ began his officiating career with recreational programs sponsored by the Columbia Association in the early 1970s. Because of his officiating skills and his engaging personality, he quickly established himself as the first great all-around sports official in the county. In the late 1970s he helped found the Howard County Officials Association and served as commissioner of officials in adult softball, basketball and football programs. Russ has officiated all levels of recreational sports, including two national softball tournaments. Though his skills eventually led to high school and collegiate officiating, Russ continued to be involved as an official, administrator, rules clinician, recruiter and trainer at the recreational level for both adult and youth sports. Because of the groundwork Russ laid, the county has a strong officiating association that responds to the needs of today’s recreational athlete.

Carol and Philip Hearn- For more than two decades, Carol and Woody worked tirelessly to provide athletic opportunities for girls in the Howard County Youth Program. When they began coaching an HCYP softball team in 1971, they found that the organization offered only one other program for girls – cheerleading. They expanded the offerings by starting basketball and volleyball leagues and an instructional softball program, and all the programs quickly grew. Carol and Woody served as coaches, officials and commissioners and they worked to update uniforms and playing fields. In 1984, they received outstanding achievement awards for 'unselfish support' from HCYP. As officials, coaches and sponsors, Carol and Woody have contributed to adult women’s softball and basketball programs as well.

P.J. Kesmodel- P.J.’s name is synonymous with lacrosse in Howard County, but he first became involved in local sports in 1968 as a coach for the Forest Hill swim team. Under his direction, the program became the largest and one of the most competitive summer swim leagues in the state. P.J. later helped found the Central Maryland Swim League by merging three large summer leagues. In the 1970s, he founded a boys lacrosse summer league that eventually affiliated with Hero’s, Inc. P.J. has served either as league director, president or chairman of the board of directors every year since then. After the league added girls teams, P.J. spearheaded the effort to add girls lacrosse to the county’s high school sports program in the late 1980s. P.J. was inducted into the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame (Baltimore Chapter) in 2004. Thanks to P.J.’s early efforts, Howard County is known in the region for its lacrosse programs.

Adelaine Stocks- In the early 1980s, Addie recognized the need for additional recreational programs for youngsters in the western part of Howard County. She was the sole impetus, founder and administrator of the Western Howard Soccer League, which now serves thousands of youngsters at the recreational level. Addie was involved in all aspects of building the fledgling league, from developing public relations materials, recruiting and training coaches and officials, writing its rules and bylaws, ordering equipment, and coaching. She also served as the league’s first commissioner. From the very beginning, Addie established a policy that required all coaches be certified by the American Coaching Effectiveness Program (now known as American Sport Education Program) which stresses an ?athlete first? philosophy. The foundation Addie built has ensured the continued development of the league.

Robert Vigorito- Rob’s passion for triathlons has earned him international acclaim and has solidified Howard County’s reputation for hosting one of the nation’s top events. When he became race director of the Columbia Triathlon in its third year (1986), it was mostly a small, regional event. Rob soon turned it into a 'must-do' race that fills to capacity (1,700 triathletes) every year. Rob established the Columbia Triathlon Association to manage 700 volunteers and to facilitate the race, which is based at Centennial Park. The community has benefited from Rob’s leadership: CTA has donated more than a half million dollars to local organizations. He also served on the board of USA Triathlon, as the Mid-Atlantic regional director.