Wanting to play softball, Clifford Crown answered an ad in a local newspaper seeking men 55 years and older for a senior softball pickup program. Cliff soon became the organizer of the group, which had its official debut in April 1994 when 12 men showed up for 55+ softball. Because the number of participants was low the first year, Cliff was forced to be creative. He figured a way to turn 15 players into three teams — five players at bat and 10 in the field. The group played once a week, weather permitting a term defined as 45 degrees or warmer and not raining. As word spread more players joined, including some from nearby counties, and it became necessary to have two separate games.  The popularity of the 55+ pickup softball program led to the formation of a Howard County league, which continues to grow. Teams from the league also participate in the Baltimore Beltway Senior Slow Pitch Softball League.

Todd DelTufo has run Howard County Wrestling, Inc. for 11 years. In his work with this non-profit program he has worn wear many hats, including coach, travel team commissioner and president of the organization. Nearly 400 wrestlers participate in Howard County Wrestling, an organization whose mission is to provide the county’s youth the opportunity to experience wrestling in a fun, structured and disciplined environment. Howard County Wrestling offers clinic, recreation and travel programs. Todd teaches the coaches to concentrate on the things they can control in the wresting room — effort, discipline, focus, pride, respect and mental and physical conditioning. He has been tireless in his leadership and commitment to the youth of the community.

Not long after he moved to Howard County in 1997, Jack Milani began his volunteer work with local sports organizations. He first stepped in to assist with the Western Howard County Youth Baseball/Softball league, but it wasn’t long until he was working with other organizations either by coaching or officiating.  Jack also helped build new programs. He is one of the founders of the Western Howard County Warhawks (football/cheerleading, wresting and field hockey), the Central Maryland Football and Cheer, the Mid-Maryland Youth Football and Cheer and the Greater Howard County Club Lacrosse organization. Jack has also served as the president of the Howard County Lacrosse Program, a board member for Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association and an advisor to the Patriots Football program. He has worked to create a positive athletic atmosphere for children in the community. His focus is on what you take away from an athletic experience not whether you win or lose.  Jack embodies the definition of the word “volunteer.” He is a man who offers himself for any service of his own free will. He is always thinking about someone else.


Thirty-five years ago, Barbara Rosato stepped in to volunteer with the Western Howard County Youth Basketball program.  She has served the organization in many capacities including primary leader, officer and administrative director. She has registered players, answered questions, bought and distributed uniforms, collected and deposited checks and paid referees. In 35 years, she has overseen the move from paper registration to online registration. Barbara is a treasured resource and an inspiration to all. With her never-ending smile and can-do attitude, she has put in tens of thousands of hours and is WHCYB’s longest-serving volunteer.