Joe Dougherty was a tremendous asset to the Howard County Lacrosse Program (HCLP), Cobra Lacrosse and Centennial High School’s fall and indoor lacrosse leagues from 1995 to 2006. Over the years, Joe served as a volunteer coach, equipment manager, board member and HCLP president. As a role model, Joe emphasized that principles, such as good sportsmanship and fair play, were more important than winning a game. He was responsible for the creation of a financial aid fund, which allowed more children to participate in lacrosse programs. Joe is a testament to how Howard County sports programs challenge participants to not only become better players, but become good citizens as well.

Tim Arnett has served Howard County youth sports programs for 23 years. In addition to coaching baseball with the Elkridge Youth Organization (EYO) and coaching  basketball and baseball for the Howard County Youth Program (HCYP), Tim also acted as a commissioner and board member for both organizations. Additionally, Tim is responsible for the creation of EYO’s tennis program, working tirelessly to secure access to local courts and ensure the program’s success. Tim’s trademark dry sense of humor and remarkable dedication to youth sports in Howard County will be remembered for years to come.

Doug Hamilton has supported young athletes in Howard County with enthusiastic support and guidance in a variety of different games since 1994. Beginning as a SAC/HC Soccer and Western Howard County Soccer coach, Doug went on to coach teams for Warhawks Football, Howard County Rugby (Ellicott City Express) and the Howard Stampede Field Hockey Program. Today, he is the co-founder and head coach of the Alpha Hockey Club and continues to volunteer coach for Howard Stampede. Parents are quick to describe him as “generous in his time,” both in his coaching on the field and in his willingness to provide advice or a letter of recommendation to college-bound players. Through these efforts, Doug has helped make Howard County a supportive and healthy environment for young athletes.

Alex Pagnotta has worn many hats as participated in and created a number of youth sports programs. Alex is a founding board member of the Western Howard County Warhawks Football/Cheerleading program, Warhawks Wrestling, Warhawks Field Hockey and Mid-Maryland Youth Football & Cheer. He also volunteered countless hours as a coach for Howard County Wrestling, Vipers Wrestling, the Howard County Lacrosse Program, the Hero’s Tournament Lacrosse Club and Glenelg High School’s women’s lacrosse program/team. Although his involvement in coaching initially grew as his children became old enough to participate in sports, Alex remained an active volunteer coach and board member even as his youngest son aged out of youth programs. For hundreds of young athletes, Alex is a respected mentor and role model.